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Christmas Number One

James Arthur

photo: xfactor.itv.com

It is that time of year again when the UK single with the most copies sold in the week of Christmas is named the Christmas number one.

In the past, songs such as novelty, charity and songs from winners of talent shows have received the title however it is always an anticipating occasion when the top 40 is revealed on the radio.

Traditionally the levels of record sales peak more so than any other time of the year and in the past the Christmas number one has been the best selling single of the year. The sales are recorded and based on weekend sale totals.

Since 2002 the number one has been dominated by talent show winners, ever since the programme Popstars: The rivals contestants released three top singles on the chart. For five years, 2005-2010, the Christmas number one has been dominated by the song released by the winner of the talent show The X-Factor, with the exception of 2009 where the facebook campaign to overturn the winner, Joe McElderry, was successful and the 1992 single “Killing in the name of” won the title.

Last year the winners of The Choir, The Military Wives feat Gareth Malone, took the number one spot, beating the X Factor winners Little Mix with the song Wherever You Are.

This year bookies are already taking bets on who will get the number one spot, with the favourite being the X Factor winner James Arthur, who has achieved the title of most explosive X Factor opening sales, ever. Another favourite to win is the cover addition of the song The Power of Love sung by Gabrielle Aplin, of which is featured on the heart-warming advert by John Lewis.

The only thing certain is this year there is no clear winner and we could be in for a surprise.



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