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The Freefall

The Lead Guitarist of The Freefall

Photo: The Freefall

The Freefall have been described as THE new band of the Midlands, their ever-increasing popularity stemming from their highly unique blend of emotion and inspirational lyrics.

The four-man band, underwent a name change, formally known as ‘Before the Fall’,  a number of months after establishing themselves properly as a professional band, which is a tough ordeal especially when just setting out, however they are certain the name change was the right decision for them.

The band consists of Ant Macandrew (24), Scott Ballard (28), Josh Batchford (22) and Ben Selfridge (22), who have all been involved in music from their early teen years. The lads are all relatively local, from areas surrounding Lincoln and Newark, all with similar tastes in music and all share the same amount of love and passion for their band.

Since February 2012 they have done nothing but grow, and in October they released their debut album, ‘What’s Love?’ and with a European tour lined up in November they are definitely a band to watch out for in 2013.

I managed to get a quick interview the lead vocalist Ant Macandrew, (24).

What influenced you guys to start the band? Was it a childhood dream or did you kind of fall into it?
We have all been in various bands and trying to make the best of ourselves for years, but this unit we have is more special than what we have ever had separately. We feel we have found the sound we are looking for and want to share our creative talents with the world! Cheesy I know, but we do love performing and playing and really want to get our experiences of life out there through our songs.

Awh, that’s lovely! And extremely cheesy. So, you must all have some influence for your genre of music?
For me personally, I’m influenced by Kings of Leon, 30 seconds to mars and the script.

Excellent taste, I must say. They’re all very successful in the music industry, what big things can we expect from you guys?
We are constantly working hard to invest every bit of money we make back into the band, we never take any ourselves because we want to put it all into merch/advertisement and expenses, we have a big tour coming up in Belgium in November called bands in schools and the album is out 23rd in Newark at the navigation!

I have to say these guys are really ones to watch, really down to earth local guys who put everything into their passion. If you ever get a chance to see them, do so without hesitation!




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