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Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes.

Bat For Lashes @ Leeds Met 25/10
Photo: Kieran Fish

Natasha Khan, or more commonly known as her stage name Bat For Lashes, made an appearance at Leeds as part of her UK tour for her third album The Haunted Man.

Her supporting act was more than worthy to share the stage with the Mercury Prize nominee star, a rock/punk 80’s style band named the Sylver Tongue.

They definitely set the stage for the singer, who was in fact celebrating her birthday that very night, in the middle of her set the crowds burst into songs of their own, singing Happy Birthday to the singer; a very heart warming occasion to witness.

She started the set off with a song from the new album Lillies, beautifully sung as predicted by the eagerly awaiting fans. As well as singing songs from her new album, fans were also treated to old favourites Horse and I and Prescilla, both from her first album Fur and Gold (2006), two songs that truly show off her musical talent.

The set could not have been closed by a more perfectly chosen song, Daniel. A song from her second album Two Suns (2009) An all time favourite and a song that every Bat for Lashes fan knows the lyrics to. It is, to date, the best selling song of the artists, selling over 46,000 copies.

The atmosphere was incredible and the crowd really got involved with the song. It was a very touching moment as she stopped for breath and a fan threw a birthday card on to the stage. I can’t imagine this is the last we will see of Natasha and I sincerely hope she agrees to tour again in 2013.



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