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Lucie Henson, 20.

The first single I ever bought was actually Oasis – Stop crying your heart out in 2002, I had no need for my own music as a child most of family videos there’s Phil Collins, Queen or David Gray playing in the background.

It wasn’t until I hit my teenage years that I started listening to music my friends were listening to – and what a bad idea that was. I seem to remember going behind my parents back purchasing Eamon – I don’t want you back. How embarrassing.

The first album I bought was Hear’Says debut album ‘Pure and Simple’. No more will be said about that. As times changed, so did my music taste. ‘My Chemical Romance’, ‘Bullet for my Valentine’ to ‘Bring me the Horizon’, ‘Parkway Drive’ and ‘Emmure’.

My first gig was in the London O2 arena, 2009. I saw Rise Against and honestly it was one of the best experiences of my life, the atmosphere was overwhelming and there is nothing like screaming out the words of your favourite song.

My favourite gig was seeing Fightstar in 2010 at ‘The Corporation’ in Sheffield, they had been my favourite band since they released their first song and are the only band where I have bought, and loved, every single song. I cannot express the words for what I felt when I got my album signed by the whole band.

Back in 2010, being a heavy metal fan I threw so much banter to the indie kids, who knew I’d end up one? I now listen to much more mellowed out music such as; Imagine Dragons, Ben Howard, Ray LaMontagne, Angus and Julia Stone, Blackmill etc.

I’m Tom, a Student in Lincoln and I’m 19.

Music has always been an inspiration to me. I’ve always enjoyed listening to it, whether it was on the radio, tv, my iPod or even those retro music players, cassettes.

You’ll find me constantly listening to music nowadays, whether it’s walking somewhere, whilst doing work or just background noise, it’s always there.

I listen to pretty much every genre of music going, from Adele, to Enter Shikari, to Taylor Swift, to Your Demise to Ben Howard. I like each of these the same, even though they’re very different from each other.

However, there is one genre I listen to a lot more than others. Worship music. As a Christian I find listening to worship music helpful and enjoyable, and within that genre there are some great differences.

One of the first albums I bought was Busted’s self-titled album. My music collection now is vast, with around 6,000 songs on itunes and many more on Spotify.

I am also [slowly] learning bass. I bought it in June and I’m steadily progressing in learning how to play this underestimated instrument.

I also run an alternative music show, Turbulence, on the newly established radio station at University, Brayford Radio.

I’m James,  I’m a 20 year old student.

I have nearly 11 years experience as a musician, I play a variety of instruments and have a good knowledge of music theory.

I also produce music electronically, a process that has fascinated me over the last few years along with the advancement of music technology, and play gigs as a DJ.

All types of music interest me to some degree, it would be impossible to pick a favorite, I have fond memories of my parents playing records as a child.

My first gig was probably a local battle of the bands when I was around 11, all I really remember is the sound being awful, but around the same time my Dad took me to a Rolling Stones gig In Sheffield. There were over 30,000 people there, and it was really inspiring to see one of the most influential bands in pop music of any era.

Since then I have frequently attended  gigs from all kinds of artists, ranging from Stevie Wonder to The Arctic Monkeys, I have attended at least one major festival per year since the age of about 16.

I my work has also been featured on other music blogs, such as Mugpie, a blog focusing on new UK dance music.

Amber, 19.

Through my nineteen years I have explored a big variety of music genres. It’s difficult to just stick to one, that’s why my first album I listened to is completely different to what I listen to now.

As a 90s kid it was hard to ignore the overpowering pop music dominating the charts, so of course I had to get several cassette tapes to join in. For hours on end I would listen to Spice Girls and S Club 7 on repeat. You definitely would not hear me listening to this now.

This taste in music dramatically changed when I got my Sony Walkman. The genre went slightly heavier as my first album was by Good Charlotte.

As the years went on, I went from punk to rock to pop and then mainly to indie. I got to the age of 16 and wanted to start seeing bands live; I wanted to hear the atmosphere and the band not just the music anymore.

My first gig was The Pigeon Detectives who were brilliant, and I saw them another two times after the first. Other bands I have seen live are Franz Ferdinand, Passion Pit and The King Blues.

Where I am now in relation to music is probably the most accepting I have been. I like to have an open mind to new music, I’ll happily listen to chart music and hip hop but I would say my attention is still fixed to alternative and indie.

Rachel, 21.

Music has been a big part of my life since the age of 11, when I discovered my first rock band. This is when I started my colossal CD collection!

My first gig was My Chemical Romance at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall in 2005. I remember being in awe, seeing my heroes in the flesh for the first time, and the command they had over the crowd. The way the music united everyone was electric.

Since then I have had a passion for going to gigs, photographing them, and hopefully chatting to the musicians after!

Since becoming a student journalist at the University of Lincoln, I have dedicated a lot of time to my personal music blog, My Stereo Romance, which includes my coverage and opinions on all things musical (these do not represent the opinions of Lincoln Music Scene).

I also write gig reviews and features as a contributor to Midlands gig guide, MidlandsRocks.com .

Music is my career, my social life and my home life!


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