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Mumford and Sons, Babel.

An image of the band Mumford and Sons

Photo: last.fm

After the great success of their debut album Sigh No More the expectations of Mumford and Sons’ second album were very high. The exceedingly anticipated Babel was released earlier this year. Back in 2006, no one would have predicted that this banjo playing band would give rise to artists such as Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale. Six years later and the band have managed to sell a staggering 5 million copies of their debut album, grabbed a Brit and become one of UK’s must-have new musical exports.

Unsurprisingly, the second album has held great expectations for this folksy foursome, and they have no intentions of stepping out of their original style to broaden their success. Babel represents everything we love about Mumford and Sons, with beautiful lyrics and their acoustic talent, the album is dibbed for equal if not greater success than the first.

Many of the songs such as Lover of the Light and Whispers in the Dark are live loves for fans.  Mumford and Sons have rarely been off tour, there is such a high demand for their live music and they are definitely a festival favourite. Similarly to the first album, the lyrics concentrate on love and heartbreak. Alternatively the band have included some big tracks, with huge choruses, take ‘Lover of the Light’ for example, the build-up to the chorus creates a huge frenzy amongst fans when performed live.  Broken Crown shows a darker side to the band, with Marcus Mumford howling in hindrance. The album shows great variety, sticking to that folk style we’ve all fallen in love with. Mumford and Sons still have a lot more to give and I anticipate more great albums and hits for this band in the future.



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