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Lostprophets, We Are The Ocean & Pure Love @ The Engine Shed, Lincoln (13/11/2012)

Lostprophets made their glorious return to the Engine Shed on November 13th. Rachel Sloper went along to see them…

An image of Lostprophets on stage at The Engine Shed, focusing on frontman Ian Watkins.

Lostprophets live at The Engine Shed

The enthusiastic support act, Pure Love, fronted by Gallows ex-frontman Frank Carter, showcased their arsenal of formulaic punk-rock tracks with plenty of attitude.

They didn’t fail to whip the young audience into a frenzy.

We Are the Ocean were up next. The Essex-based rock band got the crowd jumping as they powered through a high-energy set.

The band seemed very much in shape musically, fresh out of the studio with the release of their latest album, Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow, just two months ago.

As Lostprophets finally took the stage, the screams of the hysterical fans were piercing. The Engine Shed audience erupted into chaos, as the band played the intro to Where We Belong.

It was heart-warming to sense the new generation fans’ camaraderie, even in the presence of their heroes. The fans looked out for each other when mosh-pits broke out left, right and centre, even stepping aside to help those who had fallen over.

The Welsh punk-rockers then stormed the crowd with New Transmission, which received a hearty reception as Lostprophets devotees chanted the lyrics with conviction.

The band’s signature anthem, Rooftops was met with complete hysteria in the crowd. This opened the floodgates for the punk-rockers to roll out all of the hits, which included A Town Called Hypocrisy, Burn Burn, Last Train Home, Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja and the newcomer, We Bring an Arsenal.

Lostprophets are nothing if not crowd-pleasers. With the Engine Shed audience left on a high from the relentless storm of classic anthems (old and new), they began to chant, demanding that the band play one of the band’s heavier tracks, We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan. They gladly obliged.

They closed the set on the energetic Everyday Combat. The mosh-pits opened, and all hell broke loose. The fans left on a euphoric high, Lostprophets left the stage. Mission accomplished.

Shows like tonight prove just why Lostprophets have stood the test of time (now in their 15th year), not only in the UK, but internationally. Their showmanship is still everything it was 10 years ago, and they still seem to put just as much passion into it.

This is a band that is here to stay.


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