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Josh Kaye at the Lincoln Live Lounge

An image of Josh Kaye playing acoustic guitar and singing at Lincoln Live Lounge performance.

Photo: Amber Jacques

This October one of Lincoln’s most prestigious nightclubs held a ‘Live Lounge’ competition.

The competition, which was held at Home started out with three categories. That was the idea at the start but it ended up being open just for musicians as there wasn’t much interest in the other two categories.

Josh Kaye is a Biomedical Science student who has a passion for singing and playing music. I had a chat with him about his experiences and went along to watch him perform in the final.

Josh heard about the competition from a member of staff at Home “my friend Joey who works at the club basically roped me into it, they were short of people to perform one week so I thought I’d do him a favour by filling up the numbers”.

Through each stage of the competition prizes were given to those who made it through that particular round.  The prize for the overall competition was £1000”. When asked what he would have spent the money on Josh had this to say “basically I would throw a massive party for everyone, and supply all the alcohol”, probably not the most productive direction but oh well.

I asked Josh what kind of music he enjoyed performing “just covers, anything that takes my fancy and that I can sing half decent! It’s got to be music I like though, and I like to throw in a cheeky surprise each week.

In the final Josh sang Bob Dylan – ‘All Along The Watchtower’, Bill Withers – ‘Aint No Sunshine’, Black Keys – ‘Tighten Up’, Outkast – ‘Roses’ and City and Colour – ‘Body In a Box’.



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