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Lincoln Live Lounge

Josh performing at Lincoln’s Live Lounge

The final performances for the ‘Lincoln Live Lounge’ were on Monday 29th October. I went along to see Josh and the other finalists.

The club was filled with pumpkins, leaves, and a giant stuffed wolf along with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and all over the bar, it had a really spooky feel to it.

There was an open space surrounded by tables and chairs where the finalists would perform. The lighting was dim which really added to the atmosphere, perfect for live music. On each table there was a glass of jelly sweets, to give it more of a festive feel and cocktails were two for one, which is never a bad thing.

The performances started around 9 o’clock. Josh sang first. He introduced himself and started with Bob Dylan – ‘Watchtower’, everyone was joining in and showing their support, each finalist performed a total of five songs each. Josh finished the first part with Outkast – ‘Roses’, which  he smashed.

Before all the votes were taken in each finalist performed one last song. Josh definitely saved the best song until last, City and Colour – Body in a box. As well as playing the guitar and singing, he played the harmonica. It’s such a beautiful song and the room was silent listening to every word he sang.

When all the votes had been counted, the finalists stood at the front of the room and it got announced from third place to first. Josh, who finished third won a gift voucher for the club as did second place, the winner won £1000 pound.



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